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Black Lives Matter: Beyond Yard Sign; Beyond Protests

Participate in Today's Evanston Reparations Subcommittee Meeting at NOON -- then ... Stay Involved!

Join by Phone 13126266799, Meeting ID: 83882601908# A Quick Overview

Last November, Evanston's City Council passed a resolution establishing a City funding source for local reparations. The resolution was put forward by Robin Rue Simmons 5th Ward Alderman and came five months after the City Council adopted a resolution put forward by Cicely L. Fleming, 9th Ward Alderwoman affirming the city’s commitment to end structural racism and achieve racial equity.

The City created a separate fund to which taxes from the sale of adult-use cannabis will be diverted to support local reparations starting this month.

The first Reparations Town Hall meeting took place in December and a second via Zoom just two weeks ago (watch that meeting here.

The Reparations Subcommittee has been holding meetings every two weeks noon at Evanston's Civic Center -- and via Zoom during the pandemic.

Join these meetings.

(If you're white: LISTEN and LEARN and find out HOW you can support this initiative! Supporting reparations and other local initiatives and organizations to address decades of inequity in Evanston with your time and money is a lot more work than putting up a yard sign or participating in a protest, but it is NECESSARY if you're serious about making change).

Contribute to the City's reparations fund here.

Follow information about the reparations initiative here.

Subscribe to the City's Reparations updates here.

Read Chicago magazine's excellent piece about Evanston's Reparations Initiative that came out earlier this week here.

Search "reparations" in the search bar for stories about Evanston's Reparations initiative.

Email us if you are non-Black and would like to get involved in supporting the initiative.


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