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Black Male Alliance to march through parts of Evanston tomorrow night. Community members welcome.

Members of the Black Male Alliance, a newly formed group that held a peace rally last Friday in the parking lot opposite the Gibbs-Morrison Cultural Center, will meet there again at 7 p.m. tomorrow night, Saturday, August 15.

From there, the group of Black Evanston men of all ages, who were brought together by anti-violence activist and Youth & Young Adult Supervisor Nathan Norman, will march through areas of Evanston where shootings and acts of violence have occurred.

"We'll spend time with community members, listening for solutions to neighborhood violence, and sharing resources with them," says Norman.

If you'd like to support the Black Male Alliance's efforts, community members are welcome to meet the group at the starting point at 7 p.m. Norman says they'll be out til 9 pm.

A longer video from last week's rally, including all the speakers, will be posted soon.


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