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Boosting Black Business is back!

Tosha Wilson and her Facebook group Boosting Black Business are at it again.

Tosha started BBB as a social media movement that uses community as power to support Black start-up businesses and help them reach their crowdfunding goal.

On August 20, Tosha and friends will announce their second Black business start-up for all of us to support so we can help that business reach its goal. All YOU need to do is join the movement and donate $20 or more to the month's chosen business.

Last month, ChiFresh Kitchen in Chicago met their goal of $20,000 -- in fact exceeded it by $2,000 with more than a week to spare--thanks to the members of BBB!

Want to join the movement? Check out BBB's Facebook page!

"In our community, we continually speak about educational opportunity gaps, economic wealth gaps, and violence in our city," says Tosha. "Building strong

Black businesses that thrive can help change community values, inspire pride, and enrich culture."

If you missed last month's debut, you're not too late. Set your $20 (or more) aside, go over to BBB's Facebook page and tag along with them on their mission to make positive change.

You can also find BBB on Instagram and on the web.

As Tosha likes to say: less talk, more action.

Join them now and the 20th of each month to support emerging Black businesses. Read DE's story about BBB here.

Last month I was honored to introduce Tosha to Tribune columnist Heidi Keibler Stevens, who wrote this fantastic piece about Tosha and her vision.

Tosha Wilson. Photo: Zbigniew Bzdak/Tribune

[Photo: Zbigniew Bzdak / Chicago Tribune]

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