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By a local police officer (who requested anonymity).

"So something interesting happened today...I had just walked out of work and was in my personal car. I was in regular clothes and hadn't pulled off yet. I saw a co-worker and we started talking. He was standing at my car window. A young woman pulled over across from us and sat there watching us. She waved. I assumed she wanted my co-workers attention as he was in uniform. People wave down police officers all the time to ask questions or for directions, etc.

He turns and asks how he can help her. She looks at me and says, "I'm just making sure she's okay." She stopped to check on me.

I tell her that I'm good. Both my coworker and I thanked her for stopping.

I truly appreciated the humanity I saw today. She didn't know me, she had no way of knowing that he and I worked together and that it was a friendly chat.

I also truly appreciated the professionalism I saw today. My co-worker was his normal self, chill and respectful. He didn't get upset or take it personally.

I know for a fact that I work with some amazing officers.

I know for a fact that not everyone has had great experiences with police officers.

I know for a fact that the world is watching.

Being an officer is a hard job. But being black in America is even harder. I ride for the side of right. Currently a lot of shit ain't right. So I appreciate the opportunity to witness a brief moment where everyone handled it right."

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