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"Can we have a conversation?" Evanston resident wants community to talk gun violence, suggestions.

Fifth ward resident Michel'le Harris and a group of friends ask the community to come out to Butler Park from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. this Saturday, August 1 for a conversation in the park about the recent gun violence in Evanston.

She announced the community conversation, which she hopes will be one of many, at the fifth-ward community meeting last night, which brought together about 150 Evanston residents, community leaders, local and state elected officials, and Evanston Police Department representatives.

"I've lived in Evanston for two years," Michel'le said. "I don’t know too many people, but I live on Emerson and Clark and two of the last shootings were in that area. I want to put together something that says I’m aware and standing against it."

Harris said she put together this series of events so the community can come together and think of solutions and combat violence.

"Can we have conversation from here on out and just come up with solutions instead of finger pointing or blaming?" she asked.

In addition to conversations, Michel'le says she'll have suggestions boxes placed in various locations around the community.

"Everyone will have a chance to put something in it," she says.

Michel'le says something has to be done to stop the violence, but right now, she says, "I just want a conversation in open format at Butler Park."

For more information and to let Michel'le know you'll be there go to her Facebook event.


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