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Car parade for Hecky Powell

This afternoon, friends of Hecky Powell and his family gathered at Evanston's Civic Center for a car procession to honor the memory of Hecky Powell and support his wife Cheryl Judice and their family.

The police-escorted car line -- numbering about 200 cars (and pickup trucks, and motorcycles) -- proceeded through Evanston passing Hecky and Cheryl's house at Maple and Lee at 2 p.m., with well-wishers honking and calling out of their windows and Cheryl and family waving back their appreciation.

Powell, renowned in Evanston for his philanthropy and support of young people, and in Evanston and beyond for Hecky's Barbecue, passed away on Friday from Covid-19.

Cheryl is currently confined to her home because she tested positive for Covid-19.

Such is the way we are forced to pay our respects during this time of pandemic and social distancing.

On Friday, Cheryl spoke to WGN TV about Hecky.


Thank you to Linda Gerber for capturing moments from the procession.


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