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Catch up on all things Juneteenth Evanston!

Looking for African attire?

A portion of proceeds from purchases made at Minouchic Boutique during the month of June will go to Evanston’s Juneteenth! Minouchic is owned by sisters, Mai Toussaint and Marie Lynn Toussaint.

Thank you Minouchic Boutique!

Find out more about Minouchic Boutique on the Juneneteenth website.

Support Black-owned restaurants

Three Juneteenth pop-up shops are happening this weekend

Register for each Popup Shop by clicking the links below.

Tomorrow, Friday, June 12: Good to Go Jamaican Restaurant

Saturday, June 13: YoFresh Evanston Sunday, June 14: Hecky's BBQ

Read Juneteenth books!

More Merch!

To purchase yard signs, BLM earrings, necklaces, t-shirts and to find out more about the weekend's activities here.

Don't miss anything! Visit the Juneneteenth website and mark your calendars!


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