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Covid-19: Sunday, July 12

Today's statistics for Covid-19/Evanston residents

Confirmed cases: 817 (three new cases reported since yesterday). Deaths: 71 (no additional deaths since yesterday), according to the City’s website. Covid-19 statistics for Illinois

Illinois announced 954 new coronavirus cases Sunday, a slight decrease following three straight days of more than 1,000 new cases. Today's announcement brings the number of total cases statewide to 153,916.

There were 20 new Covid-19 deaths reported today, according to the Chicago Tribune, a relatively low number for the state, although it is noted that deaths are an indicator that lags behind cases. The number of total confirmed deaths in Illinois is now 7,187.

Governor Pritzker continued to urge all Illinoisans to wear masks.

“We remain concerned that cases are rising and positivity rates are inching up,” the governor said today. “Now more than ever, we must rely on what the science is telling us. Wearing a face covering is an effective tool in the fight against Covid-19. Join me.”


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