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Daily update: Evanston's Juneteenth Parade

Written by Kemone Hendricks, Evanston Present and Future:

Dear Evanston,

This is Kemone Hendricks of Evanston Present and Future with a daily update about Evanston’s Juneteenth Parade.

I was so proud to see the excellent organization of this rally by students, and I am in awe. Thank you to the organizers for giving me a chance to talk about Evanston’s Virtual Juneteenth Parade/Celebration.

Juneteenth is the next step in raising awareness of the movement to abolish prison slavery. Black people are disproportionately locked away in these prisons and are being degraded, dehumanized and abused. We are in phase 3 of slavery and that’s our prison system, we are in phase 3 of lynching which is incidents like Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and many more.

We are not free, until we are all free.

Follow event link: here.

For more information or questions please email


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