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Don't miss tomorrow's webinar on how white people can support and commemorate Juneteenth

Dear Evanston,

Don't miss this webinar tomorrow!

The event, Juneteenth and White Fragility will take place from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The webinar will review the history of Juneteenth and how white people can participate in this important--and till now--overlooked holiday.

The replay will be sent to those who purchased a ticket but could not attend the live.

Speech by Ally Henny and then slide presentation by me, Kemone Hendricks.

There will be a live Q&A following with Ally Henny and me where your questions, comments and or concerns will be addressed.

All participants will receive a resource guide about celebrating Juneteenth as a white person.

There will also be a raffle, and participants can win award-winning antiracist books.

The cost is $100 per ticket; all proceeds go to next year’s Juneteenth Parade.

Get a ticket for that, friend!

Purchase ticket(s) here. Once you've purchased your ticket you'll get a link to connect to the event.

Allie Henny


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