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Environmental Justice Evanston Wins NU Grant to Help Map Inequity.

Environmental Justice Evanston (EJE) was recently honored with a highly competitive grant from Northwestern University ’s Racial Equity and Community Partnership Program incubator program, according to Citizens' Greener Evanston's recent newsletter.

The grant supports EJE’s partnership with the City of Evanston to develop a Geographic Information Mapping System (GIS) that identifies areas of environmental inequity, a critical component of EJE’s work to eradicate environmental injustices in Evanston.

Across the country, per EJE, GIS systems have already helped map out redlining areas, historical lynchings, school segregation, and police violence. The program includes five training modules that will be held this fall.

EJE members are:

Janet Alexander Davis (co-chair) Jerri Garl Robyn McMurray Hurtig Maddy McNear Rick Nelson (co-chair) Tanya Noble Andy Schlickman

Honorary members: Bea Echeverria Dorothy Headd

Meeting schedule:

The EJE Committee meets at 5:30 p.m. on the third Monday of every month. During COVID all meetings are virtual.

Click here for more about Citizens' Greener Evanston. Here for more about EJE. For more about GIS systems.

If you have questions for EJE or about the system, contact them here.


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