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EPD says it will increase presence tonight

The Evanston Police Department will maintain an increased presence in Evanston business districts overnight tonight, as reports of property damage and theft continue in Chicago and its suburbs.

EPD is taking the following actions to maintain public safety and protect residents and businesses:

Increasing presence in downtown Evanston, neighborhood business districts and residential areas;

Increasing the number of uniformed officers on patrols;

Coordinating with regional law enforcement agencies to share information and provide assistance, if necessary;

Providing the public with updates on the Evanston Police Department's Twitter account (@EvanstonPD), as needed.

Urgent updates will be communicated through the City's eNewsletter, EvanstonAlerts emergency notification system, social media channels, and website.

All residents and businesses are encouraged to continue to exercise caution and to be aware of their surroundings. If you see suspicious activity or feel unsafe, please call 911.


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