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ETHS basketball team paints Black Lives Matter on Dodge

We need symbolism and substance. Just last week we closed the streets from Dodge and Church to Dodge and Mulford for the Juneteenth Car Parade. Today, Dodge Avenue will be closed between Church and Lake Street until 4 p.m. so the Evanston Wildkits Basketball team members can paint "Black Lives Matter" on Dodge Avenue. All historic. All epic. I’m for it. #BlackLivesMatter. But make no mistake, there’s still many systemic issues that need to change! These photos by Amber Danielle Photography are truly stunning.

A group of artists also painted a Black Lives Matter mural in the parking lot of the Evanston Art Center last week.

Let’s paint more streets, especially in the “whiter” parts or Evanston, and perhaps in the parking lot of the Civic Center where important decisions are made that affect Black lives. And let’s all pay attention to substance as well to make sure we keep pushing for a more equitable Evanston.

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