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Evanston Drama Teacher vs. Critical Race Theory

A lawsuit filed by a middle school instructor brings the Fox News–stoked debate over antiracist education to the North Shore.

Chicago Magazine covers the story here.

"Deemar is asking for — gird your loins — $1 in damages. Instead of cash, the lawsuit states, she’s requesting that the district “remedy the effects of the unconstitutional, illegal, discriminatory conduct.” Translation: She wants the court to end antiracist workshops at school. In a written statement to the community, Horton says the allegations take the district’s “lawful, sensitive, and responsible” training out of context. But the stakes stretch far beyond the Chicago area. Similar cases are cropping up nationwide, and the SLF plans to file additional lawsuits. If the court rules in favor of Deemar, the case could provide enough precedent for other districts to ban teaching about racism, too."

-- Grace Perry, Chicago magazine

Illustration by Kiersten Essenpreis for Chicago Magazine.

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