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Evanston has lost a beloved spiritual leader, friend, and passionate advocate for young people.

Evanston has lost a beloved spiritual leader, friend, and passionate advocate for young people and against gun violence, Pastor Zollie Webb.

As the leader of Evanston Own It, Pastor Webb organized the annual Evanston Sings event that raised funds for the City's Mayor's Youth Summer Employment Program, in addition to many other community events and activities throughout the years.

I loved attending the Evanston Sings concert each year and in 2019, I talked to Pastor Webb at a rehearsal for the show at his church, Friendship Baptist Church of Evanston.

On December 3, 2019, Pastor Webb lost his nephew Macksantino Webb to gun violence.

“How many times do we have to walk behind caskets of young black men before they realize that their deaths are a waste of talent and energy?” Zollie Webb wrote on Facebook then.

Reporters David Struett and Maudlyne Ihejirika, Chicago Sun-Times, wrote about Macksantino's death and Pastor Webb's response and his plea for the violence to end:

This morning, former City Council member Robin Rue Simmons said in a Facebook post:

"What an honor and privilege it has been to be in community with Pastor Webb. He was committed to our collective betterment until his very last day on earth, let us continue his work together in his honor."

Just this past Monday, Pastor Webb hosted the City's first Reparations information session.

"He has contributed important recommendations as he has done in his leadership of many initiatives in our City for decades," wrote Rue Simmons. "Pastor Webb will be greatly missed by me and many, 1000’s that he touch in his life of service."

Rest in peace, Pastor Webb, and condolences to his family and all who loved him.


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