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Evanston march honors Duante Wright, Adam Toledo, others.

An impressive group of several hundred mostly younger Evanstonians gathered at Independence Park on Central Street this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. to protest the police murder of Duante Wright last week as well as other shooting deaths of Black and brown people at the hands of police, including 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago.

After a few instructions to the crowd, including a request not to film or photograph organizers and protesters, the group overwhelmed Central Street and headed east through the city chanting and marching.

Protesters called for defunding the Evanston police by 75 percent, that police who commit murder not be rehired or receive a pension, and that 20 percent of reallocated police funds ($8 million) goes toward reparations.

The March was organized by Evanston Fight for Black Lives and Northwestern University Community not Cops.

I was particularly pleased they chose Central Street in north Evanston for the start of the protest--the upscale and predominantly white area is less-often the site for these actions.

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