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Evanston's Chef Q wins Red Cross Award.

Congratulations to Evanston's own Chef Q of Teertsemasesottehg (that's "Ghetto Sesame Street" backwards) catering, who has been named a Red Cross Illinois 2021 Disaster Services Hero for her work providing free meals to thousands of families in need during the pandemic!

This recognition is so well-deserved!

If you'd like to see Chef Q receive her award, register here for the CBS event that will take place on April 27.

I've known Chef Q for five years. I've known her as a community member, a 5th ward resident, a Curt's Cafe chef, a Family Focus Evanston teacher, a community gardener, a renowned chef, and more than anything, a person who ... is pretty much a huge heart covered by a thin layer of skin.

Chef Q cares about everyone. She shows up for everyone.

For the past Covid-19 year, she's fed hundreds of families who otherwise couldn't put food on their tables. She pivoted from her life as a high-end chef doing underground dining experiences and more to dedicate her time to shopping, cooking, and delivering meals all over Evanston and beyond. (watch my interview with Chef Q from soon after the Covid-19 pandemic hit us all.

I don't know when she sleeps.

Recently, to celebrate my husband's birthday, I enlisted Chef Q and Teertsemasesottehg to deliver their special five-course, interactive dinner experience to our house. It was an experience second to none.

If you're celebrating but you're not quite ready to get out and about ... this is your ticket to an outstanding, delicious, fun, creative, interactive dining experience that shows up on your doorstep with integrity, love, and attention to the smallest detail. And supporting Chef Q's business helps her to keep feeding families in need too.

As always, Chef Q thinks about everyone else. Our courses were beautifully placed in various sized containers and boxes --one course in a Mexican Shop gift box. Another small condiment set nestled in a Virag Jewelers Ltd. box. Champagne from The Wine Goddess (with individualized champagne flutes). Kombucha from Regina Silvia A. Sant'Anna's shop Kombucha Brava.

"We want to highlight local businesses and lift them up," Chef Q explained.

By the way, Chef Q's "Adult Playdate" in-home delivered interactive dinner experiences has openings in May! You can book yours at!

Chef Q made a small promo video the night of our dinner. Watch it here.

Also, please consider donating to Q's GoFundMe. The need for meals has not subsided. Many families are still struggling!

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