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Evanston’s Gyros Planet and Taqueria will stay open after all.

Here's the follow-up Chicago Tribune column by Heidi Stevens that details the crazy rollercoaster ride of the past 48 hours for Erika Castro, Pablo Sanchez, and Gyros Planet Evanston!

It's quite a read and makes me so happy!

“It’s so many emotions,” [Erika] said. “It’s like a weight from me. A relief. I never expected this. People just showed us so much love and support.”

The GoFundMe is now at $47,240 toward the $50,000. Support it if you can, and please continue to support Gyros Planet and all Evanston's small eateries and businesses!

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who jumped in!

Here's Heidi's column from the previous day, when it looked like Gyros Planet would have to close.


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