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"Every Sunday Protest” brings yoga, EPD officers outside to talk defunding.

Reported by Mandy Eason

Happening now in front of Evanston Police Department is the "Every Sunday Protest” also joined by some members of Evanston Fight for Black Lives.

Young people are here every Sunday to educate and have conversations regarding defunding EPD.

Today several members of EPD, including Chief Cook, joined the conversations.

Chief Cook: “Before there was no conversation, now we’re having conversations and that’s’s what community policing is about.”

An SRO, Loyce Spells, as well as two Officers, Tosha Wilson and Enjoli Daley took it upon themselves to come out on their days off to join the conversations in order to get a better understanding of what these young people’s plans are in regards to defunding.

Their general response was that they understand the concept, believe that the young folks have valid points however they feel that there’s a disconnect.

Today’s gathering also included yoga. A portion of the monetary donations received for the yoga session were set aside for the family of Dashawn Turner.

Before beginning the yoga session everyone joined in a circle to exchange thoughts, information, and updates.

The City has not removed the painting on the street in front of the department, which reads Defund EPD. According to organizer Sharon Kushner, it’s remained there for a week.

It’s a very peaceful gathering and what seems to be a positive progression in conversation.


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