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Feeding the Village Evanston

Great piece by Robert Seidenberg for the Evanston Roundtable about Bruce Allen King, Darlene Murray-Cannon, and the group that has become Feeding The Village Evanston.

Read my Dear Evanston piece about how the group started, thanks to generous donations of soup from Evanston resident Brett Stein who owns Brett Anthony Foods.

I'm honored to have helped, in a small way, to get it off the ground.

Several years ago, Bruce wrote a beautiful piece called "From within the Elephant's Circle," about the Black village in which he was raised, Evanston's fifth ward.

"Most of my childhood experiences were within my village and wonderful. If you can imagine the image of a herd of female elephants that get side to side and form a circle to protect the babies within the circle…that is how I recall my safety and security as a child."

With this team, Bruce has recreated that circle.


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