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Gospel concert for Evanston's Youth.

Don't miss the Singing Pastors of Evanston Own It and support Evanston's young people!

When: Friday, November 19. Doors open at 6 p.m; event starts at 7 p.m.

You do not have to register for this event. Just show up!

Donations will be requested during the event

or you can donate here.

Funds support the Mayor's Youth Summer Employment Program.

In past years, pre-Covid-19, Evanston Own It hosted Evanston Sings in the ETHS auditorium with an impressively large and tight gospel choir comprising members of a variety of churches.

Each year that I attended, I couldn't believe the auditorium wasn't filled to the rafters with Evanston residents from every corner of the city--because the concert was rousing, inspiring, fun, and for a really important cause: to support Evanston's youth and help prevent violence by funding summer jobs for young people.

Evanston Own It was founded in 2014 to answer the question: what were churches in the 5th ward doing in response to youth violence in the area? Then-City Council Member Delores Holmes asked churches to respond, and Kenneth Cherry, pastor of Christ Temple Church, called the first meeting.

The group decided that their approach would be: what happens to one person in Evanston happens to all of us. That anyone who lives, works, plays, or prays in Evanston should "own it."

Through their work, Evanston Own It has raised and provided the City of Evanston more than $50, 000 to support youth employment and other community initiatives to improve the lives of Evanston residents.

In 2021 Evanston Own It received the Key to the City of Evanston.

I made this video in 2019 about Evanston Sings, the amazing gospel-music event that, prior to Covid-19, took place each year in the ETHS auditorium. The late Pastor Zollie Webb of Friendship Baptist Church of Evanston, who passed away just over two months ago, was deeply committed to the event.

Watch DE videos of Evanston Sings from prior years and be inspired!


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