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Hands to the Heavens

My hands raised to the heavens

The devil at my back

Sounds of hatred pierce my soul

Just because I'm Black

No weapon in my hand

No anger in my heart

Yet I'm judge a threat

From the very start.

No buildings I've breached

to the youth we teach

That love conquers hate

Yet that is still up for debate.

The Constitution has been a knee to our neck

We all saw the response at the Capitol what the heck.

The Terrorists carried guns and wore red hats

But only one shot was fired at that

Hate filled the Greatest house in the nation

Sedition was the cause of that aggravation

Here I stand with my Hands in the Air

Still hatred pierces my soul because

They just don't care.

-- Written and composed by Stephen Adams Cochran

Stephen Adams Cochran lives in Evanston’s 5th ward. He’s a deacon at Springfield Missionary Baptist Church, Evanston.

“I’m a man of God, currently studying for My BA in Divinity and theological studies,” he says.

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