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Healthcare workers take a knee

Yesterday, thousands of health care workers around the country kneeled for a basic human right: for racial equity in health care, for Black lives to matter in the clinic and the hospital, as patients and as health care workers. In Evanston, several hundred people arrived at Evanston Hospital at 12 pm to hear from surgeon and mother of two beautiful Black boys, Dr. Tricia Moo Young and senior at Spelman College and minister at Second Baptist Church Lauren Davis, and to kneel.

This is our call to action. Check your biases, train yourself to let go of the ego that clings to pride in habits that do not serve, learn and learn and talk and read, and DO.

Dr. Geeta Maker-Clark is an integrative family physician, community organizer, and mother who works and lives in Evanston. She is the director of integrative nutrition and advocacy at North Shore University Health System and runs a culinary medicine program and the University of Chicago Medical School and a food curriculum for middle schoolers in Englewood centering on decolonization of the food system.

(photo credit-Vanessa Zises Filley)


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