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Help fund kids' winter coats, e-learning desks, and holiday basket giveaways for D65 parents in need

Dear Evanston,

So many families are in need of necessities and small luxuries this holiday season, and it's awe-inspiring to see how many community members and organizations are working so hard to bring some comfort and joy during such tough times.

One of those organizations is The Informed Village, a new Black-owned digital media/news outlet that "Covers Evanston’s upcoming local 2021 election to help people who feel morally obligated to vote feel more informed when they do--all in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee."

Please consider a donation to their 2020 holiday giving initiative, organized by Bobby Burns.

Funds will go towards purchasing and delivering:

1. Children's winter coats (K-8);

2. E-learning desks (K-1); and

3. Holiday gift baskets for parents.

Families hardest hit by Covid-19 have signed up, but the Informed Village is just shy of its goal. Can you help them purchase the last items on their wishlist?

They need to close a $500 gap.

50 donations of $10 each would do it!

To donate, click here.


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