Help Jennifer Eason get back on her feet.

Dear Evanston,

Many of you have already heard the unfortunate news that Jennifer Eason of Jennifer's Edibles, and her non-proft JEFC (Jennifer's Edibles Feeds the Community), broke her ankle slipping on ice last week.

Jennifer had surgery a couple of days ago, and won't be able to work for at least six--and maybe eight--weeks. Her restaurant, Jennifer’s Edibles, and her livelihood, are now at risk. As you may know, Jennifer's Edibles also has a nonprofit arm that prepares and delivers meals to Evanston seniors and residents who are shut-in. During the pandemic, she served--with the help of a cadre of dedicated volunteers--about 200 people a day!

Jennifer always has a smile and a kind word, and this injury hasn't only injured her ankle but it's broken her heart. She wants to be up and at it doing what she does best: feeding folks in Evanston!

Since Jennifer isn’t able to work, she needs to hire help to keep all aspects of the business going.

How can you help?

  • Donate here to tide Jennifer and her restaurant over through her recovery (it will help with supplies, rent, utilities, paying staff, and offsetting Jennifer’s medical expenses—she is uninsured);

  • Please patronize the business during business hours; and

  • Keep meals going to seniors and shut-ins from Jennifers non-profit (one meal costs $8). Again, donate here.

Thanks, everyone!