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Help select a City Manager who leads with an eye on equity, antiracism, and transparency

Today's the final day that you can add your voice to help select Evanston's new City Manager! Please fill out this survey as soon as possible. It's available in English and in Spanish.

GOVHR, the firm that's spearheading the search, will incorporate the feedback it receives through these surveys--and through the two recent community meetings--to assist with candidate recruitment during its nationwide search. 

Charged with carrying forth the vision of its elected officials, who in turn represent the people of Evanston in all their diversity, the City Manager executes policy and sets a powerful example of behavior and tone throughout Evanston.

Today’s Evanston requires an intelligent, compassionate, and scrupulously honest lead staff member who is committed to dismantling policies, programs and practices that embed favoritism based on race, class, and neighborhood.

Dear Evanston and eight other groups and organizations recently collaborated with the Community Alliance for Better Government, led by Gail Schechter, Rick Marsh, Bennett Johnson, and Oliver Ruff, to craft to a visionary statement that describes our ideal City Manager.

Please read the statement and use it to help inspire your responses on the survey.

Signators on the statement are:

  • Community Alliance for Better Government is an alliance for scores of Evanstonians.

  • Dear Evanston is a local news source whose vision is an equitable and inclusive Evanston, free of violence.

  • Evanston Fight for Black Lives stands with the values of the national Black Lives Matter Movement whose mission is to “eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on Black communities by the state and vigilantes.”

  • Evanston Minority Business Consortium is dedicated to increasing the amount of jobs and contracts for its members in the construction industry and to provide training and other learning experiences.

  • Evanston Voter Initiative is dedicated to a participatory democracy process that will give Evanstonians the opportunity to create ordinances that can be passed by the voters, through the power of referendum.

  • ESPCAR - Every Single Person Committed to Anti-Racism is dedicated to the work of anti-racism in Evanston.

  • Reclaim Evanston is the Evanston affiliate of Reclaim Chicago, which is devoted to reclaiming government at all levels as a means for ensuring justice, promoting equality and improving the lives of all people.

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