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I don't have the words.

Please: donate to:

The Jose Sanchez family fund, with all funds going to Jose's mom, Debbie Caluya.

The GoFundMe for Camille (Kyle's mom)/Kyle Wilson and her children, set up by Cynthia Barnes Slater.

The GoFundMe for DeMarcus Cokley and his family.


I don't have the words for how I feel waking up white to a blue sky with a hopeful hint of sunshine

On a quiet Saturday morning in my spacious house west of Greenbay Road

My 21-year-old son on his phone having just come back from delivering groceries for C & W Market and Ice Cream Parlor.

And when I opened my eyes this morning my first thoughts were about three young men the same age as my son two of whom are dead.

And one of whom survived, but with two gunshot wounds to his leg and two to his stomach —

On the other side of Greenbay Road

(and one, also a victim--on the other side of the gun-- is on the run).

OUR young men on a street called Hovland in broad daylight yesterday.

Where the sky is just as blue but the young men are Black.

And the hint of sunshine there feels less hopeful today.

** Demarcus Cokley, 20.

** Jose Francisco Sanchez-Guerrero, 21.


** Kyle Wilson, still a teenager, shot twice in the stomach and twice in the leg.

** Demarcus' mom Nadine Cokley mourning her son, the second to die from gun violence.

** Jose's mom Debbie Caluya mourning the third and youngest of her sons--ALL three of her sons shot and killed in Evanston in the past five years.

** And Kyle's mom Camille Wilson, who will have to nurse her son back to mental and physical health.

My sincerest condolences to you on your tragic losses.


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