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I'm taking a break ...

Dear Evanston,

Starting today, I'll be taking a semi-break through August from Facebook, daily DE posts, and correspondence to work on some specific DE projects and take family time. But with help from Kemone Hendricks, Mandy Eason, and guest "posters," you'll still get news, information, and stories on our Facebook page and here. If you have an event that addresses issues of race, equity, and community-building that you'd like to share, or if you have or need other information, or you have a story you'd like to tell or a news event you'd like covered, please email my executive assistant Kemone Hendricks (welcome, Kemone!) and she'll do her best to follow up.

Remember to read our stories here on Dear Evanston and watch them on our You Tube channel. Make sure to subscribe to both so you're alerted when news or a new story or interview are posted.

There are many ways to get involved in fighting for equity and building bridges in Evanston. Regardless of where you are on your journey, use this time, this summer, Covid-19 or not, to take your first step, or your next step. Here are some ideas, specific to Evanston, to consider--and this isn't close to a complete list!

  • First, register for our next DE Racial Justice Book Group (on Zoom, August 18 at 6 p.m.)! We're reading and discussing Alex S. Vitale's book The End of Policing. You can find more info and register here. You must live, work, or worship in Evanston to participate.

  • Keep up with the equity work of OPAL.

  • Learn about the Moran Center, which works to disrupt the school to prison pipeline.

  • Learn about the PEP Project, which works to make PTAs in D65 more equitable.

  • Peruse Path Press, one of the first Black-owned publishing companies, which showcases Black American and Black diaspora authors and stories.

  • Seek out podcasts, movies, and books that address race, racism, and equity. You can find lots of great ones on the YWCA's website, and you can always google!

Hope to see you all in real life (with our masks on!) and here and on Facebook too--just not as often for a while!

Stay healthy, stay engaged, keep learning, get uncomfortable, and take action.



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