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Looking for a Black Lives Matter sign?

We’ve received lots of inquiries!

Here’s how to purchase one, support organizations that affirm Black lives, and take steps 'beyond the yard sign.'

Evanston residents Melissa Blount, Ben Blount, and Heather Heuman Sweeney organized a fundraiser and Ben, a designer and letterpress printer, designed the signs.

“Purchase and display of a yard sign is both a declaration of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and a contribution to organizations that affirm all Black lives,” says Melissa Blount.

Order your signs here.

Find out more about Ben’s art at his website Blount Objects (he is an amazing artist).

  • Recommended contribution is $10/sign.

  • $5 of your contribution will go toward the purchase of more signs and the other $5 will go to an organization that affirms Black lives.

  • If you are able, a contribution to cover more than your sign(s) is appreciated. The Blounts are committed to making signs available to those who cannot afford one and want one and contributions over $10 help in that effort.

Sign pick-up or delivery:

Contactless sign pick-up locations will be emailed to you within four hours of receipt of your contribution. The email will be from "GoFundMe".

If you are unable to make a contribution at this time, simply contact the Blounts for the pick-up locations. You can also contact them to schedule a contactless delivery.

Beyond the yard sign (for white people):

A Black Lives Matter yard sign is only as good as the actions you take to affirm your commitment to affirming Black lives.

For white anti-racism next steps, join the White Antiracism Affinity Group on Facebook, moderated by Heather Sweeney.

The group is open to anyone who lives or works in Evanston and to anyone who has answered the membership questions. Make sure to answer the questions so the group administrators can "approve" your membership.

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