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March the Front for Black Lives: follow-up

Thanks, Davin Allen, for checking back in with Dear Evanston to tell us how your march at the lakefront went last Thursday.

Here's Davin's message:

Davin Allen

"First, I’d like to thank the community for sharing our event and articles to help spread awareness. We ended up with a turnout of over 60 Evanston and Skokie residents to march with us.

For those who attended, I made a strong point to note that this was organized by two college students. The power of this movement is that people all around the world are actively trying to do their part, regardless of who they are.

Each person in our communities can do great things and based on the few people I spoke with afterwards, are also eager to!

We have done nowhere near enough yet, but even small marches, rallies, and protests are going to keep the fire for change blazing.

It was truly a joyful moment to be able to lead this march and to see it come together. But more importantly to see faces of individuals who are willing to continue to speak loudly for Black lives around the world.

If you feel yourself slowly taking your foot off the pedal, then consider becoming the engine! Once again, thank you to all the people that came, shared, and donated supplies."

Photos by on instagram.

Read more about Davin's march here.


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