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Mayor challenges City Clerk's new policy on releasing misconduct, use of force records

A new policy from the city clerk’s office requiring the public release of police misconduct and use of force records prompted a challenge from the mayor and city attorney at Monday’s City Council meeting, the Daily Northwestern reports.

"Reid publicly announced the policy Monday during the council meeting, where it was almost immediately challenged by Mayor Steve Hagerty.

Hagerty criticized Reid for making a unilateral decision and argued the clerk had overstepped his legal authority, though he also said he had only glanced at the clerk’s memo.

Hagerty was backed by City Attorney Kelley Gandurski, who, despite also saying she had not comprehensively read the document, said it appeared Reid was “usurping” his duties.

In a conversation that grew heated, Reid asserted he was within his legal authority and said he had given the mayor and city attorney ample opportunity to review the new policy."

Read Clerk Reid's new policy, which requires the public release of all police misconduct records and records related to use-of-force incidents in which a firearm, taser, or stun gun is discharged, or in which a chemical agent is used. The policy went into effect yesterday, according to a news release from the Clerk.

Read the Daily's full story.


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