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Mayor's wife and daughter agree: defund the police

Great that the The Daily Northwestern was there to cover the protest on Monday calling for police defunding. Starting at Mayor Steve Hagerty’s house, Lisa Altenbernd, Mayor Hagerty's wife, came outside and told protesters she disagrees with her husband and supports defunding the police (his daughter disagrees too, and recently put out a public statement to that effect). Protesters marched to the Civic Center where they had an impromptu meeting with Mayor Steve Hagerty.

These young people are leading the charge.

Tune in on the City’s Facebook page July 13 at noon when the second in a series of discussions about policing in Evanston will focus on the EPD’s budget. The first meeting in this series, which took place on Monday, addressed EPD police training. The protest was designed to coincide with this event.

Read the Daily's full article here.


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