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Minouchic Boutique: a grown-up treasure trove, a too-hidden community gem.

Have you picked up the latest Our Evanston magazine published by Ande Gaspero Breunig?

Each issue is full of great information about so many of Evanston's small businesses, shops, salons, and studios! And I'm always thrilled to be a contributor!

The mag is a great way to learn about new shops in town--or just new-to-you! And the goal, always, is to encourage Evanstonians to always shop local first.

This month, I wrote about Mary Toussaint and her treasure trove of a store, Minouchic Boutique, at 1900 Asbury. If you haven't been in -- go check it out! There's something for everyone.

You can find the magazine's online version here.

And you can read a longer version of my story about Mary and her store on Dear Evanston here.


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