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Noon meeting addressed police training in Evanston

ICYMI ... Mayor Steve Hagerty, Chief Demitrous Cook, and other members of the Evanston Police Department, as well as Mitchell Davis, police chief of Hazelcrest (read about his additional roles) held a virtual discussion about how Evanston police are trained.

Watch the meeting and read viewer's comments here.

This was the first in a series of conversations on policing in Evanston. A more detailed summary will follow soon.

Five more meetings are planned, and Mayor Hagerty says he's open to scheduling additional meetings.

The next meeting is July 13 and will examine EPD's budget.

Following meetings will address:

  • EPD, Northwestern University's police department, and School Resource Officers

  • Use of force/body cams

  • Complaint process: findings and recommendations from task force

During the event and designed to coincide with it, a small, peaceful group of protesters from the group Defund EPD gathered in front of the Mayor's house and from there marched down Milburn Street.

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