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Rally supports D65 against lawsuit.

Rally and media conference organized by Stronger Together Evanston to show support for Evanston/Skokie School District 65's antiracist and historically accurate approach to education and protest the recent lawsuit filed against the District.

Photo cred: Heather Sweeney

The Background

The news conference was held in response to the recent lawsuit by the Southeastern Legal Foundation, a right-wing advocacy group out of Georgia, in cooperation with Chris Rufo, a right-wing commentator and activist, on behalf of Stacy Deemar, a white D65 drama teacher.

The lawsuit against D65 is a step in a national attack on equity and antiracist education. The strategy is to stop public schools throughout the country from teaching a more full and accurate history of our country and training teachers to create more racially equitable classrooms.

Read D65 Superintendent Devon Horton's response here.

Read Pastor Michael Nabors, Second Baptist Evanston's response here.

Sign the petition to support D65 here.

Organized by Heather Heuman Sweeney and Stronger Together Evanston.

(video courtesy of Russ Shurbet)


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