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Read Nolan Robinson's powerful piece in today's The Daily Northwestern

An excerpt of Nolan Robinson's piece in today's The Daily Northwestern:

"You cannot watch a fire wreak havoc in a home and then choose to help put it out only when it destroys an entire block. No matter how helpful your assistance may be in containing that fire, it has already destroyed a home — an outcome that could have been prevented if the entire neighborhood acknowledged the smoke and used their resources to eradicate the flames.

How much change could the privileged voices in my life have made not when they saw the fire destroying the block, but when they saw the first signs of smoke?

Why speak out now when the evidence has always been here? This question isn’t to dismiss the plethora of activism rising from the shadows in response to events ravaging our country, but to encourage reflection. I would encourage people to ask themselves: What kept me from speaking? If I was afraid, why was I afraid? Am I now willing to continue on the journey of fighting for change to help my black siblings?"

Read more here.

Last August, in conjunction with Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre's production "Black Ballerina," we asked Nolan about his experiences as a Black dancer. Read that interview here.


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