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Reparations Stakeholder Authority of Evanston: for the Black Community by the Black Community.

“It is important that the Reparations Stakeholders Authority is governing and managing, leading and guiding this fund,” Rue Simmons said. “That it is a voice that represents the collective body of the Black community, and what reparations means to the Black community.”

“We are prioritizing whatever the community prioritizes first,” said Dino Robinson. “The Stakeholders Authority is really a conduit where we’ll listen to the residents and what they’re looking for.” The fund, which is housed at the Evanston Community Foundation, will include one pool of money for immediate use and another for long-term growth. Contributors will be permitted to earmark funds toward one of the two funding pools, Robinson said.

If you’re a white or non-Black Evanston resident, contribute to the fund here.

Read the Daily Northwestern article for more information.


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