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Sharon Robinson: "This is the story of our lives as Blacks in America."

Evanstonian Sharon Morgan Robinson, a beloved pediatrician to many, posted the following story on her Facebook page last night. I wanted to share it here.

"Sooo... yesterday I had a BAD flat tire. Luckily I had just pulled into a space at Winnetka Community House when I discovered it. [My husband] left work to help change my tire (in his work attire) in the pouring, freezing rain.

About 10 minutes into the laborious process (the lugs were on super tight and we were struggling..), a Winnetka police car came creeping by us.. .I mean going 5 mph MAX. He looked right us.... and kept on driving by. No rolling down the window to see if we were okay, no pulling over and offering to help. NOTHING. Maybe if I had offered him a PEPSI he would've helped us.

Honestly, I wasn't even angry and certainly not surprised. Instead, I was simply relieved that he didn't harass us.

I hesitated to post this because I figured.. what's the point? Nobody cares. This is the story of our lives as blacks in America. However, I need people to understand that these stories are REAL and happen to ALL black people, even the ones in "good neighborhoods" who are "educated" and "follow the rules."

Whomever thinks white privilege is not a thing and that we are living in a post-racist world is delusional. You can best believe if I were a white woman standing out there, he would've pulled over in 2 seconds flat to help me."


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