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Shoutout to Curt's Cafe student Aryana Franco.

Shoutout to Curt's Cafe student Aryana Franco for her words in Illinois Policy about discipline and punishment in education.

“My experiences helped me understand the other students who were considered ‘bad.’ Their form of discipline was in school suspension which involved being put in a room with no cell phones, staring at the chalkboard, with work they needed to complete or they would get suspended. Like what is that going to do? That’s not going to help them.”

“They’re acting like that for a reason. There’s a reason behind everything. So just putting them in a room to do work is not going to meet their needs. That’s going to make them not want to come to school. You feel like you have no support so you have no motivation because what’s the point?"

Read her whole statement here.

Photo cred: Illinois Policy

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