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Six residents so far hope to replace Cicely Fleming on City Council.

Six Evanston residents have stepped forward so far hoping to be appointed by Mayor Daniel Biss (and approved by City Council) to fill the seat that Cicely L. Fleming, 9, will vacate on February 15.

They are:

Shawn Jones, an attorney who ran against Fleming in 2017;

Kathy Hayes, who was born and raised in Evanston and is a retired case manager, social worker and analyst;

Sebastian Nalls, a Purdue University student who ran for mayor last year; Dan Coyne, who ran for 9th ward councilmember in 2015. He's a social worker at Lincoln Elementary and Oakton Elementary;

Juan Geracaris, who has lived and worked in Evasnton for 30 years. He’s on the board of Evanston Latinos and Next Steps Evanston, an antiracism group;

Ric Goodwill, who has been involved with the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

Will others step forward to be considered?

Read more in the Evanston RoundTable about the candidates and the timeline for applications.

Mayor Biss will announce his choice on Tuesday, February 22, and on Monday, February 28, that person will be confirmed and participate in the City Council meeting.


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