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Support Chef Q's Dinners for Evanston Kids and their "Co-Workers."

Chef Q, Quis Ibraheem, went from organizing high-end supper club dinners and working with kids of all ages teaching them how to garden and cook, to making meals for Evanston's seniors and families with children.

Here's video from our Zoom chat last Friday. Take a listen. We talk about all kinds of things, from the inequities on which the pandemic has shone a bright light, to her journey to becoming a chef, and some interesting insights into how she grew up and her deep connections to Evanston.

Watch for a longer written post soon about all the work she's doing.

Chef Q is extremely grateful to have received a grant from the Evanston Community Foundation for April 1 through May 1 to support 70 meals a day. But she now serves 120 to 140 meals a day, and will be doing so for the foreseeable future. She needs our help to keep cooking and delivering her delicious fare.

Please donate to Chef Q's GoFundMe!


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