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Support funds for three Evanston families devastated by gun violence.

Please take a minute and give what you can to support the families whose sons were killed or severely injured in the Evanston shooting on Friday.

UPDATE: The GoFundMe for DeMarcus Cokley was posted last of the three funds and could really use donations toward its goal. Please help Demarcus' sister Demyjah Gibert, his mom Nadine Cokley, and the rest of his family with expenses!

Here's information about all three funds.

Just a small way to help three families devastated by gun violence in Evanston.

-- Here's the fund for DeMarcus Cokley, his mom Nadine Cokley, and his family.

The GoFundMe was set up by Demarcus' sister Demyjah Gibert .

-- Jose Sanchez family fund to support Debbie Caluya (Debbie has lost all three of her sons to gun violence).

The fund was set up by Jose's skateboarding friends.

-- Kyle Wilson fund to support Camille Wilson (Kyle's mom) and her family.

The fund was set up by Cynthia Barnes Slater.


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