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Talking whiteness on Central Street tomorrow, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Three young women, all raised in north Evanston, will hold the second in their summer series of conversations about whiteness and racism tomorrow, Saturday, July 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. along the Central Street shopping area. The last once took place June 6.

Organizers Blair Frett, Ilana Marder-Eppstein, Caroline Jacobs, and Lydia Collins say they'll have seven (socially distant) stations along Central Street to connect families with resources for combating anti-Black racism in Evanston, and offering discussion questions to have at the dinner table regarding whiteness, race, and North Evanston. They'll also encourage visitors to engage with them and with one another on these issues.

"We believe that it is white people's responsibility to take action against anti-Black racism and whiteness in our community," says Caroline. "The generational investments in North Evanston have come at the cost of disinvestment in Black and Brown communities, and it is our role to speak up."

The group has sprung into action now, they say, because the foundations of white supremacy in this country have led to the current protests against ongoing police brutality.

"We aim to shine a light on the role of whiteness in upholding and maintaining racism. We also recognize this discussion takes place within the greater context of a global pandemic which disproportionately affects the Black community," the groups says on its Facebook event page. "We must continually educate ourselves by listening to Black voices, share our generational wealth, and engage in courageous conversations on anti-Black racism."

Photos from the June 6 event on Central Street.


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