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Thanks to Michele S. Hays of Back On Their Feet - Evanston, IL for this reminder ...

Although typically holidays bring lots of food to pantries, not everyone can access the holiday food - and food pantries close for holidays.

Please consider picking up some extras and donating them to the bins, pantries, and especially the Evanston Community Fridges.

Suggestions for what to donate:

Fresh butter and milk to use in mac & cheese (most food pantries offer it, but don't offer the means to make it)

Boullion cubes - esp. chicken, ham and chicken/tomato American cheese slices or any kind of cheese, really Eggs

Hams (turkeys can be challenging for a small family) or other meats Frozen or fresh vegetables - including garlic, onion and potatoes but also green veg Fresh fruit Sandwich bread Rice - especially yellow or "spanish" style rice mixes Shelf-stable prepared meals for the street homeless (e.g. Hormel Compleats, Kosher Ready Meals, or Loma pouches) Prepared rice and beans (like comes in the plastic pouch ready to eat) Canned fish meals with crackers Oil - especially olive oil and corn/vegetable oil Vinegar/Lemon juice Sugar Flour - incl. Wondra flour Gravy mix Water filters for the tap Ramen noodles Iced tea mix/drink mixes Dessert mixes - piecrusts, pie fillings, etc. And of course, soap and cleaners of all kinds.

Food pantries will be overwhelmed with canned green beans, canned corn, canned peas, canned sweet potatoes, canned pumpkin, stuffing mixes, mac and cheese mixes, etc.

Click here for more about Evanston’s community fridges.

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