"They won't be able to see past the color of his skin."

By Evanston resident Jacqui Fomond

Today as we got off the expressway at Old Orchard there was a guy there with his sign, as he walked pass my car ...

Ray: mom can I give him something

Me: no!

Ray: “Mom, why not?” (I didn’t know what he was trying to give to him).

Me: He already passed by

Ray: I can call him

Me: OK, fine

Ray reaches in his pocket and gives him his last two dollars. I post this story cause as I think about it my son is a very smart, upstanding and respectful child and it hurts my heart ❤️ to know that some people he encounters won’t be able to see him as this as they won’t be able to see pass the color of his skin 😢😔.


Watch my 2018 with Jacqui Fomond, who lost Ray Owens, her partner of 10 years and father of her three children to gun violence in Evanston on June 8, 2015,