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Today's NYT's 'The Daily' podcast focuses on Evanston's reparations initiative.

Today's The New York Times podcast The Daily, focused its 20 minutes on Evanston's reparations initiative.

Astead W. Herndon interviewed reporter Megan Twohey, who was raised in Evanston and attended Evanston Township High School..

Twohey interviewed Robin Rue Simmons, and the episode features many voices from Evanston, those who support the way the initiative is rolling out, and those who don't.

"For decades, the granting of racial reparations in the United States appeared to be a political nonstarter. Even self-described progressive politicians ran from the issue.

But after years of inaction on the federal level, Robin Rue Simmons , a local lawmaker from Evanston, Ill., took a pioneering step: She proposed that her city grant its own reparations. Recently, it became the first in the United States to approve a compensation program intended to address historical racism and discrimination.

How did the policy come to pass, and can it be replicated in other parts of the country?"

You can listen to the whole podcast here.


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