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Tribune columnist Heidi Stevens features Evanston's own Tosha Wilson in the Chicago Tribune.

Thank you, Heidi Keibler Stevens, for featuring our friend Evanston Police Department Officer Tosha Wilson and her amazing Facebook group Boosting Black Business, which encourages folks to donate $20 or more to a different Black start-up every month.

Tosha is also pursuing her own dream business: a Laundry Cafe in Evanston's fifth ward. Stay tuned to Boosting Black Business and Dear Evanston for how you can support it.

Read Tosha's story as told by Heidi.

Read DE's coverage of Boosting Black Business and find out how to contribute to this month's start-up ChiFresh Kitchen. They're just $10,000 away from their goal thanks to Tosha and the group's contributors!

Read DE's story about The Laundry Cafe.

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