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"Up from Down Home" exhibit at 1100 Florence.

Stroll by the gallery windows of 1100 Florence throughout February to see prints and wood carvings by Evanston artist Jevoid Simmons.

The prints of paintings are part of Simmons’ upcoming book, Up from down Home: A Family’s Journey North.

The paintings were executed over a seven-year period with the last one completed in 2015, illustrating the extraordinary hardships and the life and death struggle faced by Black folks living in the South under Jim Crow.

In addition to painting, Simmons is a woodcarver and storyteller. His carvings are ongoing and capture family, friends, acquaintances and other characters from the past.

The carvings are a part of a collection called Sugar Creek Folks.

Giclee prints are for sale, $175/each; The Wedding painting "I Do", Restaurant Painting "Chicken DeLight" and Family home setting "1404 Christie"

Wood carvings are not for sale.

Information at

I attended the opening of Jevoid’s exhibit when it was up at the Civic Center last year.

Listen to Jevoid tell his family’s story and see his work here.


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