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Walk and Worship for Peace drew a great crowd.

Reported by Mandee Bee

Today’s powerful Worship Walk, organized by Pastor Karl Adair from New Beginnings North Shore Church, began at Oakton and Dodge and ended by Evanston Township High school at Church and Dodge.

Community members gathered to fill the streets of Evanston with worship and prayer. There were residents of Evanston as well as others who made the drive to Evanston to participate in this walk.

Children and adults came to walk, worship, sing, and come together for unity, peace, and racial reconciliation!

Throughout the walk there was prayer, singing and connecting with passers by. Many were honking their horns as well as waving to those walking.

We also stopped at a couple spots during the walk to pray, then continued on.

After reaching Church and Dodge everyone gathered to listen to speakers and join together in prayer. Organizer, Pastor Karl Adair, spoke about how we are all on assignment from God. We are all called to play a part in regards to peace and social justice.

Evanston police sergeant Ken Carter said that we are in this together. He expressed gratitude for being invited to the table to try and be part of resolution because not all police departments are given that opportunity.

Lydia Collins, Ilana Marder-Eppstein, and Blaire Frett, members of Talking Whiteness on Central Street spoke about the work they’re doing and the importance of white people recognizing their role in regards to anti-Black racism. They continue to initiate these conversations in north Evanston.

Another speaker spoke about church not just being a building. He talked about it being necessary to bring church to the streets.

Also in attendance were several members of the Black Male Alliance, a group that came together last week to address gun violence in Evanston.

Officer Adam Howard, also in attendance, assisted in keeping everyone safe in regards to the area traffic.


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