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We’re here at Mason Park at the Black Lives Matter Youth Fundraiser & Performance!

Dear Evanston's Mandy Eason reports from Mason Park, where ETHS students Carmiya Bady, Mikaéla Parisien, Izzy Basso, and Nikki LeVee organized a festival to support Black lives. The event featured dancing, spoken word, singing, improv and more. Vendors selling jewelry, baked goods, and other items raised funds to support Black Lives Matter organizations and the Bail Project.

Getting things ready & people are beginning to arrive!

Come join us for music, dance, acting, poetry, spoken word, improv & open mic!

Watch our live Facebook video here.

Organizers (pictured above): Carmiya Bady, Mikaéla Parisien , Izzy Basso, and Nikki LeVee

Vendors donating to BLM organizations.

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